Creating a Fall Tablescape

With the holiday season comes endless gatherings and dinner parties. When it comes to hosting your own event, make your tablescape one to remember! Continue reading below for #RGadvice on how to design a fall tablescape that will stand out.

How fun is this table from The Great Dinner Party hosted at our Beverly store!

How fun is this table from The Great Dinner Party hosted at our Beverly store!

Blue might seem an unconventional color for fall, but when combined with rustic brown plates and haphazard glassware, it makes a wonderful statement. The pop of blue is an exciting alternative to the usual colors associated with fall like brown, red, and orange. 


When you are working with a simple table design, it is important to partner the table with an eye-catching pattern. The animal hide chairs above perfectly compliment the dishware and make a great statement! 


Rather than going for a standard wreath or candle centerpiece, try incorporating something more unique. The centerpiece is where you can let your creative side shine! The table above conveys a rustic look with metal plant stands, old books, and tree-branches scattered down the center. When layering objects on your table, make sure to use dense objects as a base for more whimsical decor. The combination of books and branches looked great with the plants + white containers!


We hope this helps with any fall parties you are hosting, and remember to be creative! If you are looking to host an event in the near future we would love to help. Stop by our Los Angeles store to shop all of our fall decor!

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Dressing up your Plants for Halloween

The seasons are changing and fall is here. The best part of fall is getting in the holiday spirit. Creating floral arrangements, or adding little pieces of decor around the house remind us that it is time to start celebrating! 

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start sprucing up your garden for the festivities. We have included some decor tips below, which will help you bring alive the holiday in your home and garden. Continue reading below for some decorating tips + ideas!

IMG_5809 (3).jpg
  • What feels more like Halloween than pumpkins? Using pumpkins instead of vases for plants like succulents or fresh flowers is the perfect way to get into the fall spirit. You can use a fresh pumpkin or purchase a ceramic one.
  • Dark tones create a very mysterious feel in any arrangement. Adding elements like a black vase or incorporating darker colored flowers can spruce up a bouquet.

  • The combination of purple and orange flowers bring a fun spooky aesthetic. You can tie these colors in with a Day of the Dead skull or other Halloween decor.

  • Fill a glass vase with mini pumpkins-you can choose between white, orange, or a combination of both! This is a simple way to bring fall indoors.



We hope this helps you get in the holiday spirit. If you need more help, we are hosting a pumpkin succulent arrangement workshop on October 22nd. Bring your friends, and let’s all get into the Halloween spirit together!

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Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 9.18.49 AM.png

Whether this is your first year of gardening or you are a veteran, there is always something new to learn. While each type of plant you are nurturing may have specific needs, we have created a generic list of gardening tips that are universal to all types of plants. Continue reading below for planting 101 tips + tricks! 


Tips + Tricks

  • When deciding what to grow, consider smaller plants. Smaller plants are generally easier to care for, and will get larger as you care for them. When planting allow room for the plant to grow and flourish, a crowded plant never grows to it’s full potential. Read the plant tags to gage how large it will grow. 
  • Using a fertilizer can ensure plants receive the nutrients that it is not getting from the soil, and can ensure that it grows to it’s maximum potential. 
  • Eggshells are a natural decomposer that are beneficial to the health of a plant and it’s soil. Eggshells contain calcium that helps build a healthy structure of the plant, ensuring it will live a long healthy life. Eggshells are also used to warn off many insects and pest to protect the plant, slugs and snails especially. 
  • When introducing potted plants, chose a pot that matches your style and aesthetic. To ensure proper drainage, make sure the pot has three or more holes at the bottom so the plant does not die prematurely from overwatering.

We hope these tips will help enhance your garden and landscape, and your plants stay healthy and grow to their full potential. Visit one of our stores to shop all our new products!

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Last Friday was officially the first day of fall, and we are so excited! There's nothing better than lighting some candles and cuddling up with a cozy throw blanket and a cup of tea. With the change of season comes colorful leaves, holiday cheer, and most importantly, fall decor. Set the scene in your home with autumn decor you will love. Continue reading below for some decorating ideas!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.03.06 AM.png

Living Room

  • Swap out your summer fabrics like linen and cotton for luxe velvet and fur materials in rich fall shades. 
  • Light up the fireplace + use the spare firewood as a decorative tool. Stack logs on a bookshelf or coffee table to add a rustic touch to your living space. 
  • Add a cozy touch to your den or living room by draping a cotton or chenille throw over the sofa or armchair. 
  • Place a tall vase on the side table or coffee table and fill it with acorns, branches, or fall leaves. 
  • Incorporate menswear fabrics like plaid or herringbone into your autumn decor by adding a throw blanket or adding new upholstry. 
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.02.54 AM.png

Front Porch

  • Layer piles of vibrant pumpkins, squash, and gourds over your porch for a classic look.
  • Create a rustic wreath out of moss, twigs, or leaves that is perfect for fall. 
  • Fill lanterns or other glass containers with candles or acorns and place them at the corners of your front-door.
  • Make a statement with all-white pumpkins surrounded by bright orange, red, and brown leaves.
Image uploaded from iOS (3).jpg

We hope that these design ideas were helpful, and that you will try incorporating some into your own home. Make sure to stop by our Beverly location to shop our fall decor including pumpkins, decor, candles, silk, furniture + more. 

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Plants and succulents are a great way to add a touch of color and a more natural feel to your interior space. However, interior space is valuable and we don't always have room for a potted plant beside the sofa. A wall planter is a great solution for this problem because they provide a natural appearance while taking up minimal space.

Wall planters come in many shapes and sizes, from spherical ceramic planters to rectangular wooden planters. Succulents are often the best choice for this type of planter because they need little maintenance. Additionally, flatter succulents like the paddle plant are a great choice for this type of planter because they will will remain the most secure. Continue reading below for more tips and tricks on how to properly maintain your succulent wall planter!



  • Select your style of wall planter to match the interior design. A bright white ceramic wall planter is great for a more modern space. 
  • Ensure that your wall planter is situated on a wall that receives moderate sunlight. 
  • Place moss around the base of the wall planter as both a decorative tool and to retain moisture. 
  • For a more interesting look, try using three small wall planters and stagger their placement on your wall. 
  • If the soil appears dry, mist it with filtered water on a weekly basis.
  • Lightly water the soil in your planter on a monthly basis. 
  • If a succulent appears to be dying or if it is outgrowing the planter, remove the succulent from the arrangement.

We hope that these tips will help you in maintaining your succulent wall planter! Visit your local Rolling Greens store to learn more about our products and the services we provide.

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