Summer Nights At RG
Photo by: Monica Wang

Photo by: Monica Wang

Summer is not only a time for beach days and roasting s’mores by the campfire, it’s also… wedding season. Yes, that’s right, we are now in the thick of it. If you’re the lucky individual responsible for hosting the bridal shower, but you still have no clue what to do, don't worry! Here at Rolling Greens we offer private events and workshops for any special occasion!

Our private workshops include activities ranging from creating succulent arrangements to mounted staghorn ferns as well as one-on-one experience with our baristas. However, if you and your party are more interested in a simple, cute dinner or drinks, we also offer event + creative space rentals! Or retail locations are available to rent as a venue for events such as bridal showers, engagement parties, cocktail receptions and more. We absolutely love collaborating with our professionals in the Home + Garden industry to bring your special event to life!

Photo by: Monica Wang

Photo by: Monica Wang

If you’re interested in hosting a private workshop or renting out space for your special event or would like more information, you can click the link here or email us

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Decorating With Potted Plants

One well known trick every designer knows is that plants are one of the best ways to elevate, or set the tone in a space. But how do they do it? We talked to one of our talented, resident baristas to get the best ideas when it comes to decorating with a potted plant. Continue reading to learn tips and tricks about matching your plants to their containers!

How To Pick Your Plant And Container

  • The first step is to pick whichever plant or container/pot speaks to you first, and let that dictate what you pair with it.


  • Balance between your plant and container is very important, so keep in mind that contrast is key!
  • For instance, if you are going to chose a textured plant that is very busy looking, you might consider pairing it with a simple, sleek container in order for the plant to really steal the show. On the other hand, if you chose a rather ornate container that you want to stand out, pick a plant with a modern silhouette, that stands straight up, or is one color.


  • Another thing to remember that you can always prop your plant up in whatever container you choose with foam bricks or plastic liners, so there’s no need to worry if your plant doesn’t fit perfectly at first. 
  • Figure out beforehand the size of the space you need to fill, and the position it should be in, so when you're searching for your plant and container you know what size you need.


  • Lastly, finishing touches such as moss, gravel, stone etc, can really elevate the look of your potted plant. Sometimes picking your topper is just as important as picking the container and the plant itself! It can really set the tone for the arrangement!

Good luck, and don't forget to tag #RGatHome so we can see what beautiful creations you come up with! 

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Rolling Greens Trade Program

If it’s not obvious already, we love to accommodate every one of our customers in order for them to bring their unique vision to life. Unsurprisingly, many of the individuals who step onto our lot(s) are interior + exterior landscape contractors, architects, florists, and designers. So it didn’t take us long to create a Trade Program that offers a 20% discount to our industry trade customers. Continue reading to learn more about this special program and it’s limited exclusions.

Image via: @pheintz

Image via: @pheintz

As a member of our Trade Program you will receive 20% off all purchases with the exclusion of sale items, and any items with a barcode beginning at six or above. To qualify for our program you must be an interior or exterior landscape contractor, architect, florist, or designer, and intend to use our products for resale.

In addition, documentation must be provided. These include:

  • 3 Industry related trade references such as:
  • Receipts from other trade related wholesale vendors
  • Reference letters from trade related wholesale vendors
  • Federal tax ID number (For corporations)
  • California seller's permit or a business license (for verification purposes only)
  • Company business card
  • A Rolling Greens trade packet completed and signed
Image via: @jamiebinteriors

Image via: @jamiebinteriors

After 3-5 business days your documents will be verified and an account will be set up for you. We are so excited to help you create your vision and can not wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RGatHome so we can share your beautiful creation!

For more information please click here!

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Color of the Year

Despite the flood of millennial pink that has painted your Instagram feed for what seems like eternity, we have recently discovered the color of the year is actually green, more specifically Pantone’s “Greenery”. Yes, we’re biased, but who wouldn’t be knowing greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing yellow-green shade, symbolizes new beginnings, as well as the pursuit of personal spirit? This color is a nature’s neutral, making it the perfect addition to any home. Read on to learn how to gloss more “color of the year” into your life!

Photo by @erinnvstyle

Photo by @erinnvstyle

Photo by @jessicaajones

While your Pinterest boards may be filled with home decor inspo for summer, instead of repainting the living room in a regrettable Orion Blue, save yourself the money (and time) by incorporating actual greenery throughout your home. Filling an empty corner with lush, leafy plants will not only provide cleaner air throughout your house, but will completely change your environment and enhance your home aesthetic. As we are continuously surrounded by modern technology and industrial elements, the benefits of incorporating natural life, movement, and beauty into our everyday lives is essential.

Show us how you decorate with the color of the year by hashtagging #RGatHome or tagging us @rollinggreens in your Instagram pictures!

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Getting Social
Photo by: @em_henderson

Photo by: @em_henderson

It's that time when we take a moment to look back at all the amazing photos YOU have tagged us in! If we're being quiet honest, it might just be one of our favorite things to do. Here's our top picks for this month!

Photo by: @airick.g

Photo by: @airick.g

Photo by: @charityvictoria
Photo by: @jaclynrjohnson

Photo by: @jaclynrjohnson

Photo by: @brittaneyelise

Photo by: @brittaneyelise

Thanks to all who have joined us and shared the RG love. Don't forget to share your photos @rollinggreens & tag them with #RGatHome!

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Rolling Greens Landscaping + maintenance

While we pride ourselves on our outstanding landscape and interior plantscaping services, we also offer a tailored maintenance plan for your newly renovated exterior or interior. Our team will maintain the beauty of your garden or interior plantscape to ensure that it flourishes. For the past three years, we've maintained the installation we created for our client RSD in Lake Forest - learn all about the job and all our maintenance team has to offer down below!

When designing this particular installation, our team wanted to focus on bright + colorful plants to bring a pop the building needed. We used a combination of agave attenuate, red kangaroo paw, blue senecio and coral aloe!

We are pleased to maintain commercial and residential properties for both Exterior Landscaping and Interior Plantscaping in Orange County and Los Angeles on a weekly or bi-weekly service. With certified pest control applicators and irrigation specialists as well as Supervisors and Managers dedicated to meet your needs, the quality of our maintenance program speaks volumes. 

Our Exterior Landscape services include | trimming, fertilization, pest control, irrigation audits, over seeding, mulching, tree shaping, drought tolerant renovations, drip system conversions, green waste dump and organic treatment options. 

Our Interior Plantscaping services include | hand watering, cleaning, fertilizing, pest control, container upgrades, top dressing, guaranteed plant replacement and redesign services.

For more information + to inquire click here!

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Coming up in May at Rolling Greens

It's safe to say that we can't believe it's May already! This year is flying by with so many exciting things coming to our stores and we couldn't be more thrilled. If you follow us on Instagram you've probably already seen a couple of our upcoming workshops, but just in case, here's a quick round up for what's to come to our LA location!

Photo by: @kelleecreative

Photo by: @kelleecreative

May 13 | Mother's Day Pom Pom Cactus Workshopwith Kellee Creative

Join one of our greatest friends, Kellee, of Kellee Creative at Rolling Greens Los Angeles just in time for Mother's Day! Kellee will teach you plenty of new skills about textiles and the art of pom pom making, enjoy time creating new friends and "pot" a cactus that you will definitely be able to keep alive! All materials included along with a morning mimosa. Save your spot here!

May 20 | Learn + Grow Workshop - Vertical Wall Planter

Join us for a special summer workshop! Los Angeles baristas will lead a Vertical Living Wall Succulent Workshop where you will learn a special planting technique to construct your very own.


  • 8 x 10 prepped wall planter
  • Soil
  • Two 4" succulents
  • Three 2" succulents
  • Sheet moss
  • Moss dye
  • Variety of reindeer moss
  • Refreshing summer cocktails!

Save your spot here - spots are almost out! 

May 28th | Katie Dean Jewelry Pop-Up Shop

Spring is officially here and we're celebrating the season with our favorite jewelry company, Katie Dean Jewelry. The lovely ladies behind the Katie Dean team will be selling their new collection at Rolling Greens Los Angeles on Sunday, May 28th. Be sure to stop by for a Sunday you don't want to miss!

Cost is free!

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Rolling Greens + The Kitchen For Exploring Foods

A few months ago, we met the team of The Kitchen for Exploring Foods at an event held at our Los Angeles location and we instantly knew we had to work with them again! So, when they came to us about an idea for a Adult Summer Camp Mixer - there was no doubt we wanted to be part of it. 

The night began with refreshing cocktails + bites prepared by The Kitchen team. While our front space was transformed into a camp ground full with decor from Revelry Event Designs and Town and Country Event Rentals.

Guests were gifted a camping box complete with:

  • The Kitchen's "Official" Handy Dandy Mug
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge "For emergencies only"
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot
  • The Kitchen's Rosemary Thyme Citrus Grilling Salt
  • California Wildflower Tea
  • A Tree to Plant 

Are you planning a party for the Spring or Summer? Our retail locations are available as a venue. If you're interested, you can learn more here

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Rolling Greens Takes Round Top Texas

If you follow us on Instagram you might have noticed our most recent trip to Round Top Texas. Round Top offers the most amazing Antique Fairs throughout the year where you'll find an irresistible array of beautifully displayed very early Americana, Texas primitive, and Continental furniture and accessories. If there's one thing we love more than plants it's antiques - so you know we had to be there!

A trip to Texas wouldn't be complete without staying at a dreamy ranch. Our team stayed at the beautiful Silver Spur Ranch where they began gathering inspiration from all around.

Now to the good stuff! Check out what we brought back with us:

Lots and lots of planters - because why not?

Quarried in Belgium, the base color of honed Belgian Bluestone is a very dark and smoky indigo blue with fossils and hints of charcoal grey.

Clear to milky white crystal geodes - a perfect little sparkle to your space. 

Beautiful South American Manta Rugs with both neutral + vibrant color pallets.

Make sure to stop by both locations and shop all new Texas products - available now!

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Rolling Greens Arrangement Bar

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than bringing the outdoors in! Stop by one of our signature arrangement bars to meet with one our baristas for a unique, personal experience in customizing your own arrangement. This is how it works: 

Choose the container from our diverse and vast selection, whether it is a driftwood piece or geometric glass terrarium, and our baristas will work one-on-one with you to establish a vision for your arrangement. 

Then our baristas will design and plant the arrangement to seamlessly align with your aesthetic as a one-of-a-kind piece. Our planted arrangements encompass a variety of succulents, cacti, tillandsia, green and blooming plants, among others, straight from our nursery beds.

After the arrangement has been planted, baristas add finishing touches using decorative topper, recycled glass, moss, or driftwood pieces; the options are endless!

To learn more about our arrangement bars click here!

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