Christmas Shopping with The Great

Shopping for the holiday season can be a very stressful experience. Trying to find the perfect gift for all of your family and friends can be difficult due to their vast range of interests and tastes. This holiday season we have made shopping a little easier with The Great pop-up shop in our Los Angeles store! Find the perfect gift for every member of your family at our Beverly location. Continue reading below to hear about all the great items we have to offer!


For the fashion girl in your life, there are a number of great pieces from Emily + Merrit's collection! The Great pop-up shop features an incredible assortment of denim and cozy sweaters perfect for the winter season. 

Is there a home decor enthusiast in your family? Stop by our store to shop our antique furniture and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. For the Christmas lover we have a number of beautiful ornaments, cozy throw blankets, and seasonal candles to choose from.


We hope that this has helped to inspire some fun gift ideas and that you will share your holiday experience with us. Stop by our Beverly store this week to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your shopping list! 

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Holiday Decor for December

It is officially December and if you haven't started your holiday decorating yet, it is crunch time! Both our Beverly and Jefferson locations are filled with decor perfect for every home. Continue reading below for a preview of what we have in-store!

Shop our artificial wreath + garland selection at both locations! Go faux with these artificial wreaths that can be used year after year!

1. Snowberry Pine: The white berries on this wreath are perfect for the winter season and look great alongside the deep green pine.

2. Cedar Pine: Get into the holiday spirit with a festive and classic wreath that will look great on your front door!

3. Juniper Berry: Delicate and vibrant, this wreath provides a beautiful take on the classic shape. 

4. Norfolk Pine: Native to Norfolk Island in between Australia and New Zealand, the Norfolk pine's peculiar shape is perfect for those seeking out a unique holiday wreath. 


Missing the fresh pine scent from your artificial wreaths and garlands? Make sure to pick up some of our holiday scented candles exclusively at our Beverly location!


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5 Must Have Holiday Items

Thanksgiving is officially over and it is time to start decorating for Christmas! Our Beverly store is filled with festive holiday items perfect for the season. Keep reading below for our 5 Must Have Holiday Items!


1. Holiday Wreaths are a great way to usher in the holiday spirit! Decorate your front door with a traditional green wreath or stand out with a red arrangement. 

2. Sparkling Accessories such as hanging snowflakes, metallic vases, or shimmery ornaments are always a festive way to bring some holiday spirit into your home. 


3. Pinecones make great accent pieces. Try stacking them in a wide bowl or a vase and place on your dining room table or on a side table in your home. 

4. Seasonal Candles are a great way to create ambiance during the holiday season. Indulge your senses with a spice, vanilla, pomegranate, or evergreen candle. 


5. Home Baked Treats are a must have during the holiday season! Fill your house with delicious and homey scents by popping something sweet in the oven. We absolutely love these tasty treats from Sweet and Divine By Emmaline!

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Floral Design Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays of the year. Nothing is better than family and friends gathering around the table to enjoy delicious food and great conversation. Make your celebration all the more festive with a beautiful floral arrangement on your dinner table! Whether you opt for a tall bouquet, a cluster of small arrangements, or a long garland, keep reading below for some design ideas!

  • Try including seasonal fruit like pomegranates or wild blackberries into your arrangement! The bright orange kumquats in the garland above made by Francesca Blume are perfect for fall.
  • Carefully consider the color palate for your floral arrangement. Burnt oranges, vibrant reds, and rustic browns evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Incorporate nature into your table! Gather some colorful leaves and branches from around your neighborhood and combine with flowers. 
  • Pumpkins, squash, and other gourds look great dispersed throughout the table and will help to break up your floral arrangement. 
  • Go the traditional route with a flowery cornucopia arrangement. However, make your cornucopia unique by adding stalks of wheat, dried flowers, or candles!

We hope that these ideas have been helpful and will inspire you to create a beautiful floral arrangement for your dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving from the Rolling Greens team!

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Why You Need a Terracotta Pot

Living in California we reap the benefits of beautiful weather almost everyday. This helps our gardens shine and grow to their fullest potential. Terra cotta pots fit into any landscape + garden with their neutral color and design. Continue reading for reasons why every California gardener needs to incorporate these pots into their landscaping!

While lighter pots are easier to transport, they move or break in certain weather conditions. A heavier pot can withstand California’s windiest days, especially when the Santa Ana winds are blowing.Terra Cotta pots are able to withstand this type of weather due to their heavier design. Although they are much lighter than stone or concrete pots, which makes them easier to transport.

Plant roots require oxygen to prosper. Clay pots are breathable which allow oxygen to enter the container, by doing this it aerates the soil. Also, they also absorb the extra moisture which prevent over-watering. This will ensure your plants live a long & healthy life.

Freezing weather can damage terra cotta pots by cracking and breaking. Since weather in California rarely drops below 60 degrees, we do not need to worry about weather damaging our pots. We can guarantee that our clay pots will last a long time. They are relatively cheap in price, which make them a quality purchase.

IMG_5901 (1) 2.jpg

We hope this helps the California gardener decide on what type of pots to use for their landscape and garden. Please visit one of our stores for more information and other pot designs!

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