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We're so excited to welcome Floyd Home to Los Angeles! To celebrate their new move, we have partnered up to create an exclusive pop-up space for design enthusiasts and local residents alike to indulge in. In the form of a beautifully designed home, the pop-up will be located in the lovely community of Blackbirds, Echo Park, a micro-community that interweaves community, nature, and design.

As a brand that celebrates the beauty and individuality of not only objects, but also people, places and, appreciation of their origins, we cannot be more excited about this pop-up, and we invite you to join us from June 23rd through July 1st!

Adding our own touch to the event, we helped design an entire bedroom, as well as part of the backyard space, in the home featuring our home décor and furniture from our own nursery.


In the bedroom space, you can expect a special collection of interior foliage, indoor/outdoor containers made from concrete, fiber clay/cement and, fiberglass, that is not to be missed.

In the backyard space, we have also set up a special surprise for you. We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ll be featuring, for the very first time, our signature collection of pillows made from textiles in Provence, France (that is not to be missed!) Accompanying that collection will also be other featured outdoor & garden décor items including Moroccan glass carafes, Mediterranean-inspired vignettes, and beautiful throw blankets.

IMG_0552-1 (1).jpg

If something catches your eye, you can explore a collection and conveniently get it at the pop-in shop or on the Floyd x RG section of our online showroom. We hope to see you there! RSVP here.








Rolling Greens
3 Colorful Flowers You Need For Spring


1. Kalanchoe

The first flower that we would recommend for spring is actually a succulent! The Kalanchoe plant has very thick leaves and foliage. However, the plant produces vibrant clusters of tiny blooms that will add some color to your living room or garden. This gorgeous succulent is great because it does not require very much maintenance. The plant loves indirect sunlight and thrives when watered thoroughly on a weekly basis. Whether you place the plant outside in your garden or indoors with a beautiful container, these blooms are perfect for the spring season!



2. Hydrangea

The Hydrangea is a classic flower because they are easy to maintain, tolerate almost any soil, and bloom in beautiful shades of blue, pink, purple, and white.  The plant thrives with direct sunlight in the mornings with some afternoon shade. The flower should be planted in the spring so that the plant will blooms during the peak season from mid-summer through the fall. 

 Begonia Reiger

Begonia Reiger

3. Begonia Reiger 

The Begonia Reiger plant has shiny, glossy, and asymmetrical leaves. The stem of the plant blooms into a cluster of 3 vibrant rose-like flowers. To properly care for this plant, your should place the flowers near a sunny window, while avoiding direct light. Prior to watering, you should check to see if the surface of the soil is dry to touch. If dry, the plant should be watered so that the soil is kept moderately moist. The Begonia Reiger blooms in mid-spring so it is the perfect time to visit our greenhouse!

 Begonia Reiger

Begonia Reiger

Visit our greenhouses to shop these incredible flowers! Learn more about our Jefferson location and our eight greenhouses here.

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How to Encourage Cacti to Bloom

Right now our Jefferson location is filled with beautiful cacti that are in full bloom! These beautiful flowers only bloom for 3-4 days out of the year, making them even more special. Continue reading below for tips and tricks on how to encourage your cactus to bloom at home.

RollingGreens_April-116 (1).jpg

There are many factors that will effect whether or not your cactus will bloom including age and care.  Every cactus has a specific age at which it will begin to bloom. For some, this can take up to 30 years!  The best way to ensure that your cacti will flower this year is to purchase a plant that is already in bloom. 


Additionally, cacti will only bloom if they have the proper light conditions, watering, and fertilization. During the Spring and Summer months, or the growing season, cactus need maximum light and thrive in heat. The plant should be turned occasionally to ensure that it is receiving even light exposure. Additionally, the plant will need more water during this period. Prior to watering, ensure that the top two inches of soil are completely dry. The cactus should be fertilized during the growing period with a cactus specific fertilizer that will add phosphorus and potassium to the soil.  

During the Fall and Winter months, or the dormant period, cacti thrive best in a cool and dry environment. They should only be watered about once a month to prevent the plant from shriveling up. The cactus should be moved to a cooler location that still has plenty of light. 

RollingGreens_April-140 2.jpg

With the correct age and conditions, your cactus will bloom beautiful flowers in shades of white, pink, red, orange, yellow, or purple. Make sure to check out our wonderful selection of cacti and other plants at our Jefferson and Beverly locations

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10 Steps To Prepare Your Containers for Planting

1. Scrub the dirt from the inside and outside of your container using a wire brush until it is clean.

2. Soak the container overnight with warm water and soap.  

3. The next day, rinse the pot so that any remaining soap and dirt is removed.

4. If you are planting with a terra cotta pot, you should soak the container once more before you plant so that the clay retains more water. This will help your soil stay moist during the planting process.

5. Determine the location that you would like your pot to sit. Set the pot in that area because once it is filled with soil and plants, the pot will be difficult to move.  

6. If your container has drainage holes, you should set the pot on clay feet or bricks. This will allow air to circulate under the pot and will prevent containers from over-heating and drying. 

7. Over the top of the drainage hole, distribute gravel, screening, or broken pottery that you have laying around your garden. This will prevent the soil from washing away in the holes after watering but will still allow the water to drain properly. 

8. Fill your desired container with soil leaving at least half an inch of room at the top of the container.

9. Before planting, soak the soil using a garden hose or watering can.

10. After this initial watering, check beneath the container to make sure that the water is draining and that there is no soil escaping from the drainage holes.


Both our Beverly and Jefferson locations have a wide assortment of containers perfect for the spring season! Learn more about our locations here

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Botanical Entertaining with Flutter Magazine
 Photography: Michelle Beller

Photography: Michelle Beller

The Flutter Magazine team recently stopped by our Jefferson store to create a Botanical Entertaining piece featured in their latest issue! Our green-house was the perfect setting for this picturesque tablescape filled with floral details and delicate linens. The lush greens in our store created a vital and inviting environment perfect for any celebration. Continue reading below for a behind the scenes look into Flutter Magazine's inspiring botanical set-up!

 Photography: Michelle Beller

Photography: Michelle Beller

Not only was the table surrounded by beautiful plant-life, there were also small details throughout the table that brought our botanical dream to life. At each place setting, there was a personalized menu printed with beautiful leaves and vines. The team also hand-tied miniature floral bouquets and placed them beside the menus. 

 Photography: Michelle Beller

Photography: Michelle Beller

When it comes to entertaining, the set-up is key. Create an incredible display table for your dessert offerings using unique plating for each sweet treat ensuring that it will compliment the rest of your decor.

In keeping with the botanical style, the team plated delicious desserts on rustic wooden boards and platters with neutral tones. The long-stemmed blooms above were perfect to fill in negative space and draw the eye to the star of the dessert table, the three-tiered cake. 

 Photography: Michelle Beller

Photography: Michelle Beller

Instead of opting for a standard floral centerpiece, try incorporating fresh blooms in a unique way! Consider serving a sweet treat with an edible flower garnish from The Kitchen For Exploring Foods that will leave your guests wanting more. Another great way to incorporate the botanical theme into your entertaining is using flower-filled ice cubes in your specialty cocktails!

 Photography: Michelle Beller

Photography: Michelle Beller

Check out Fliutter Magazine's full piece on Botanical Entertaining in their latest release, Issue No. 16! Other topics featured include: Spring Floral Recipes. Ojai Wedding Inspirations with Caroline Tran, and more. To learn more about hosting your private event at one of our locations click here


Bar + Chairs - Found
Paper Goods - Minted
Photography - Michelle Beller
Styling - Kelly Oshiro
Floral Design - Native Poppy
Location / Serveware / Barware / Linens / Hanging Plants / Potting Vessels / Wood Table - Rolling Greens
Food + Beverage - The Kitchen for Exploring Foods



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