Creating a Fall Tablescape

With the holiday season comes endless gatherings and dinner parties. When it comes to hosting your own event, make your tablescape one to remember! Continue reading below for #RGadvice on how to design a fall tablescape that will stand out.

How fun is this table from The Great Dinner Party hosted at our Beverly store!

How fun is this table from The Great Dinner Party hosted at our Beverly store!

Blue might seem an unconventional color for fall, but when combined with rustic brown plates and haphazard glassware, it makes a wonderful statement. The pop of blue is an exciting alternative to the usual colors associated with fall like brown, red, and orange. 


When you are working with a simple table design, it is important to partner the table with an eye-catching pattern. The animal hide chairs above perfectly compliment the dishware and make a great statement! 


Rather than going for a standard wreath or candle centerpiece, try incorporating something more unique. The centerpiece is where you can let your creative side shine! The table above conveys a rustic look with metal plant stands, old books, and tree-branches scattered down the center. When layering objects on your table, make sure to use dense objects as a base for more whimsical decor. The combination of books and branches looked great with the plants + white containers!


We hope this helps with any fall parties you are hosting, and remember to be creative! If you are looking to host an event in the near future we would love to help. Stop by our Los Angeles store to shop all of our fall decor!

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