Our Mission at Rolling Greens is to enhance the landscape of our lives creatively, beautifully and simply through inspired design, trusted products and lasting relationships.

We are always on the search for those who are willing to uphold and contribute to our mission at Rolling Greens. If you are interested in working with us and being a part of our creative community, please see a list of openings below.

We find beauty in things most people overlook.  We embrace the imagination.  We are authentic.  We are yes minded.  We actually care.  We are courageous.  We never give up.  We aspire to live up to our potential as individuals and as a company.

Los Angeles

Assistant Manager

Senior Sales Associate - FT

Nursery sales - PT

Arrangement Bar - FT + PT

The Arrangement Bar Associate is responsible for meeting the Rolling Greens standards of excellence in customer service with an emphasis on arrangement and floral sales and design. 

Nursery Care - PT

Achieve Rolling Greens mission of excellence in customer service and maintains the visual expectations of the company with the primary focus of exceptional plant care and presentation. 


Horticulture + Landscape Team

Landscape Sales + Design

The Horticulture Sales & Designer sells Rolling Greens interior and exterior landscape services, and provides excellent customer service and creative design while producing quality design/sales proposals.

Interior account manager

The Interior Account Manager manages a team of interior plant technicians and coordinates interior horticultural accounts, providing customer service and sales assistance.

Gardener - Landscape Team

The Gardener engages in the installation and maintenance of plants/landscaping in the exterior areas of commercial and residential properties.


Rolling Greens Headquarters  Commerce Ca 

Senior Warehouse associate - ft

Warehouse associate - ft

Achieves Rolling Greens mission of excellence in customer service. Assists with the receiving, processing and storing of all product.


Downtown Retail Opportunities  

Hiring Summer of 2017.

As we get closer to opening our third location in the Arts District Downtown LA we will be looking to cultivate a strong team there! If you are interested in applying for this new store please click below to download an application or contact us.