Rolling Greens original nursery location sits on 2 secluded acres nestled in the hills of Culver City, complemented with breathtaking views of the city of Los Angeles. This location boasts eight greenhouses that cover four terraced levels and house seasonal blooming color, topiaries, exotic orchids, exterior plants, cacti, succulents and foliage from tropical lands in the U.S.A. A series of enclosed warehouses hold over ten thousand square feet of antiques, eclectic found objects, fountains, baskets, decorative stones and seasonal home accessories, ranging from holiday ornaments to artificial greenery.

Here at Rolling Greens Culver City, customers can find everything needed to create a stunning garden and update their homes. Our signature Arrangement Bar is always alive with creativity as customers collaborate with our Baristas to create unique living or faux plant arrangements.

9528 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City CA 90232
*see map below