Request a Trade Account

Rolling Greens is happy to offer our industry trade customers a 20% discount on all purchases with the exception of sale items and any items with a barcode beginning in a six or above. In order to qualify for this discount, you must be an Interior or Exte¬rior landscape contractor, architect, florist, or designer and intend to use the product for re-sale.
Please provide copies of the following documentation:

  • 3 Industry related trade references such as:
  • Receipts from other trade related wholesale vendors
  • Reference letters from trade related wholesale vendors
  • Federal tax ID number (For corporations)
  • California sellers permit or a business license (for verification purposes only)
  • Company business card
  • A Rolling Greens trade packet completed and signed

Please allow Rolling Greens 3-5 business days to verify this information and set up your account. The discount will not be available until all information is determined to be valid. An item may not be put on hold during this processing period. Discounts will not be applied retroactively to purchases made prior to approval.
The primary registered contact must pre-authorize all buyers purchasing under their company name. Buyers who do not have this pre-approval will be asked to register separately and will not be eligible for the contractor discount.

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Terms and Conditions:
A customer may borrow or “memo” merchandise for the sale purpose of showing it to their customers or design approval. For any other temporary use, the customer should inquire regarding “short-ter m” rental pricing. There is a maximum 48-hour time frame for keeping merchandise out
on memo.
Unless otherwise approved, memos cannot be in excess of one thousand dollars. There should be no more than five items released at a time and there should be only one of each item.
For security on the item, a credit card imprint may be used at both locations or a business check written for the f u l l amount may be used at the Culver City location with approval from the Retail Director.
A Rolling Greens’ Supervisor will inspect all items upon return. Any lost or damaged items will be charged in full to the customer.
Items returned after the 48-hour time limit will be charged in full to the customer.
If it is discovered that the customer has used the items for other than the intended purpose
( i . e . party, display, photo-shoot) and has not pre-arranged short-term rental pricing, the items
will be charged in full to the customer.



Terms and Conditions:
Unless otherwise approved, the rental period is five days. Any rental beyond f i v e days i s considered a purchase. Rolling Greens will automatically bill the account after the fifth day.
The rental fee is 50% of the listed retail price of the rented item and the fees are payable in full, in advance.
Any required staging will be billed at $50.00 per man hour. Materials required for staging (moss, liners, foam) will be considered a sale and are payable in full, in advance.
Delivery/pick-up fees will be based on location of delivery and number of persons needed to deliver. The delivery fees are payable in full, in advance.
Exterior plants and blooming plants of any type may not be rented.
All merchandise rented from Rolling Greens must be returned in the same condition as was taken
or delivered.
Customer agrees that any materials lost or damaged during the rental will be purchased at the listed retail price.